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Just because white people have always been the dominant cultural group in most societies does not mean that reverse racism doesn’t exist. If you look at this as an example; a white couple get told they “don’t belong” in an Asian restaurant, that is discrimination against a ‘race’ or group of…

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Tahiti 80 - Heartbeat

can you feel my heartbeat when i’m close to you? (oh-h, oh-hh)

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Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool

goddamn phoenix you blow me away every time

those two mordents in the chorus are killin me. gimme more of them cheesy dance synth anthems, i’m addicted yo

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Late Night Alumni - Shine

o m g i am in love with those sharp, silky arpeggios ♥ ♥ 

06 4 / 2013

Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)

holy actual shit

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i love how the curves of a really good serif can slope outward to look like the petals of a flower

on a less artsy-fartsy note: i always seem to want to post at the most inappropriate times (ie, when i’m absolutely swamped with work)…

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라쿤보이즈 (Raccoon Boys) - So Hot (Studio Version)


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sometimes I feel like I’m at my most lucid when I’m sleep-deprived. I’m not quite sure why, but there’s this feeling of crystal-edged clarity, as though I’m seeing things through cool blue hues that highlight and throw into focus certain things, but dull everything else. I almost feel like my mind is sharpened, too—when it’s starved, I suppose, is when it’s at its most primal. And then I make snap judgments/calls, as Gladwell would put it. I suppose the lesson here is to favor my instincts more than I currently do.

I’m sure my body and mind will one day pay for this—it’s a nasty, unhealthy habit. I guess at the very least I haven’t yet started relying on caffeine as a crutch, which is good.

(it’s kind of funny though: my mom used to tell me I was too young to get addicted to caffeine, but nowadays she readily offers to brew me coffee when I need to stay up late working. not sure what that implies, if anything)

The rest of the post is going to be a listy braindump so here’s your warning.

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